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2 Hour Minimum | No Experience Required | Great for All Ages

Locations can include Clear Creek Canyon, North Table Mountain, Evergreen, Boulder Canyon, and the Flatirons.

A privately guided rock climbing session near Denver, Colorado is a great way to experience the thrill of rock climbing in a safe and controlled environment with your own goals and time frame. Choose your time and itinerary! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced climber, a private guide can tailor the experience to your skill level and goals. The guide will provide all necessary equipment and instruction, including proper belaying technique and climbing safety. You will have the opportunity to learn and practice new skills, challenge yourself and push your limits.

During the session, the guide will lead you to some of the best climbing areas near Denver, and they will provide information about the geology and history of the area. You will have the opportunity to climb on a variety of routes, from beginner to expert, on different types of rock. Additionally, you will have the chance to enjoy the natural beauty of the area while climbing, with stunning views and landscapes. A privately guided rock climbing session is an excellent way to improve your skills, challenge yourself and have a great time in the mountains.


  1. Clear Creek Canyon 

Clear Creek Canyon in Golden, Colorado is a popular destination for rock climbers due to its diverse range of climbing routes and stunning natural scenery. The canyon features a variety of rock formations, including towering cliffs, towering faces, and challenging crack systems, offering something for climbers of all abilities. From beginner-friendly sport routes to more advanced trad climbs, Clear Creek Canyon has something to offer every type of climber. Additionally, the canyon’s location in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains provides a unique and beautiful climbing environment, surrounded by lush vegetation and bordered by the clear waters of Clear Creek. With its world-class climbing routes and picturesque setting, Clear Creek Canyon is a must-visit destination for any rock climbing enthusiast. learn more

2. North Table Mountain 

North Table Mountain in Golden, Colorado is a unique and stunning location for rock climbing, offering climbers a unique combination of breathtaking views and rich geological history. The mountain’s distinctive flat-topped mesa provides climbers with expansive panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, including the Denver metropolitan area, the Rocky Mountains, and the Great Plains. Additionally, North Table Mountain is a geological wonder, formed from ancient volcanic activity, which gives the rock formations a distinctive and dramatic character. The rock itself is composed of welded tuff and basalt, providing climbers with a variety of textures and features to challenge their skills. With its unique geological history and breathtaking views, North Table Mountain is a must-visit destination for any climbing enthusiast looking for a truly memorable climbing experience. learn more

3. The Flatirons 

The Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado are a world-renowned climbing destination, offering a diverse range of classic climbing routes and a unique geological history. The Flatirons are a series of massive, angled flat-topped rock formations that rise dramatically from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The rock itself is made up of sandstone, providing climbers with a variety of textures and features to climb on, from smooth slabs to cracks and overhangs. The Flatirons’ unique geology is a result of millions of years of geological activity, including erosion, uplift, and sedimentation, which have shaped these towering cliffs into their distinctive form. With their classic climbing routes, stunning views, and rich geological history, the Flatirons are a must-visit destination for any climbing enthusiast looking for a challenging and rewarding climbing experience. learn more


Q&A (You will be emailed full directions and instructions upon booking)

Do I need experience?

No experience is required. You will be taught everything you need to know, all equipment is provided, and climbing routes for all skill levels will be available.

Do I need equipment?

All equipment is provided with the class. You can bring your own if you have it.

Where is it located?

Our climbing location is North Table Mountain in Golden, Colorado. Expect a 20 minute drive from Denver.

How far is the hike?

From the parking lot, expect to hike about 30 minutes up the hill to our scenic climbing cliffs.

Should I arrive early?

We ask that all participants arrive at least 30 minutes early to guarantee parking.

What do I need to bring?

Water, Snacks, and Sunblock. There is no store on the property to make sure to pick these items up ahead of time. A small backpack is great for carrying your personal items.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel for a full refund up until three days before your trip. No refund is provided within three days.

12 reviews for Private Guiding

  1. Shane Kinyon (verified owner)

    We LOVED Dan! He was Friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. We had such a great experience and even talked about booking our next lesson before we left. Highly recommend!

  2. Kyle Linden (verified owner)

    Quality climbing company that know’s the area. Provided plenty of opportunity and time to allow us to experience the mountains exactly as we had hoped. Great couples activity!

  3. sgltrxfem sgltrxfem (verified owner)

    We just had a wonderful day with our guide Dan. He was AMAZING!!! If we did what he told us to do, we were successful!!! He is extremely knowledgeable, a great guide, and really fun to climb with!!!

  4. Ryan M (verified owner)

    I scheduled a 6 hour private guiding session with Denver Climbing Company. Unfortunately, I had an injury forcing a reschedule followed by some poor weather which pushed the trip again. Each time my guide Mark was quick on communication and incredibly easy to work with.

    We spent the 6 hours drilling through technique and fundamentals for outdoor sport and multipitch climbing. It was genuinely amazing and outstripped all my expectations. I had the chance to bolster my tool set from an excellent and experienced teacher. I couldn’t have asked for me.

    I cannot recommend Denver Climbing Company enough to those of us who have climbed for a while but want to be sure we have our outdoor fundamentals down well.

  5. Pattie (verified owner)

    I booked a rappel with Dan and he did not disappoint. This was a special event for me as it was my 60th birthday and I needed to beat my previous rappel of 150feet in the military. Dan planned a day of a starter rappel of 85 followed by a 208feet rappel. I was so happy. He allowed me to climb the mountain at my pace and did not rush but understood my goals and allowed me to meet those. My partner had never rappelled before and he was wanting to go again. We reserved a private party and while Dan & my partner were willing to go another round, I was spent so we called it a day.

    I would highly recommend Denver Climbing Company for not only your special occasion but for any challenge you may set for yourself.

  6. jhcewc (verified owner)

    this was just one of those experiences of a lifetime. So if you’re considering it – try it! And you simply can’t have a better guide than Dan. In every single way, he made the experience superb for us.

    For those seeking more detail, I’ll add the following:

    Advance communication was consistently quick, clear, and thorough.

    Our meeting spot was easy to find, and though these locations can vary, ours in Golden was an easy 25-minute drive from downtown Denver.

    The pre-climb prep was also clear, thorough, and definitely safety-focused. We were beginners, and Dan was most patient in working through the details with us.

    As for the climb itself, the setting was glorious, and there were options available for different skill levels. And there was encouraging support, but never pressure.

    Also, because we did choose the private climb option, we were able to tie in a short session on rappelling that added to the day.

    Lastly, I’m 60 and far beyond my “in shape” days, but it was doable, and for those (like my climbing partner) who are better conditioned it’ll be even easier, but no less amazing.

    Enjoy your time! And Dan, thanks for the superb experience.

  7. Brian (verified owner)

    We went with a group of 5 and we had a blast. Our instructor Dan was very knowledgeable and patient with us and taught us how to climb very well. At the same time he explained all the rules and the dos and donts very clearly and also explained that due to covid we should have masks on if there were other hikers on the trail. Dan was a very cool and friendly guy. The entire experience was amazing and extremely safe and we all had a lot of fun climbing. If have a guests coming to Colorado I will definitely come to Denver climbing company.

  8. Jessica G (verified owner)

    Booked a lead climbing course with Dan and had an amazing experience! He was very thorough, easy to understand and answered every question we had. Came into the course with some understanding of lead climbing and now feel much more confident in anchor building and safety. Highly recommend!

  9. Maggie M. (verified owner)

    Dan’s a great guide! This is my second time to climb with him and he does not disappoint. He took us to a great spot where we had multiple routes to choose from and great views.

  10. FrankMufic (verified owner)

    Our 17 year old wanted to work on transferring his skills safely from the climbing gym to the outdoors. He is a pretty high-level climber 5.12 indoors. He had an amazing experience, learned so much, and felt extremely safe, even wore facemasks all day. He can’t wait to go again, and we highly recommend the Denver Climbing Company for all levels.

  11. Brian K (verified owner)

    My husband and I were in Colorado for a long weekend trip and decided to go climbing since we only ever climb inside. This course was a great transition course and Dan was an awesome instructor! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thanks again for the photos and memories! I would definitely recommend Denver Climbing Co and if we’re ever in Colorado we are definitely taking another class!

  12. EngineGuy11 (verified owner)

    So I have been climbing my whole life and when I got the opportunity to go to CO I had to hit the rock. Dan with DCC is not only extremely personable, he is extremely knowledgeable and safe. His experience showed and I have to say I will most definitely be back. This review is long overdue but still needs to be posted. Hate I waited so long

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