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Practice your rock climbing skills like anchor building and cleaning from the safety of the ground!

  • Magnetic and Sticky
  • Removable and Reusable
  • Create Any Anchor Scenario

Includes: 2 Practi Bolts, 2 Chains, 4 Quicklinks

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About Practi Bolts

Practi Bolts revolutionize the world of climbing training with their ingenious design, combining sticky gel and high-strength magnets to create the ultimate platform for honing critical climbing skills. These climbing bolt replicas adhere securely to various surfaces, mimicking the outdoor climbing experience while ensuring a safe and controlled environment.

The sticky gel offers reliable adhesion, allowing climbers to practice anchor building and cleaning with confidence, knowing that their training aids won’t unexpectedly detach. Meanwhile, the robust high-strength magnets provide stability, ensuring that climbers can focus on perfecting their techniques without worrying about the equipment’s stability. Practi Bolts are a game-changer for climbers of all levels, offering an unparalleled tool for skill development and confidence-building in the world of rock climbing.

How to Use

1. Remove the clear backing

Each Practi Bolt has a clear plastic film that protects the sticky nano gel. Remove this film before your first use of the product.

Nano gel is a space age material that mimics the effect of a geckos foot. So although very tacky, it doesn’t damage the attached surface and can be removed at anytime. 

2. Press Firmly in place

Find a clean, magnetic surface and press your Practi Bolts firmly in place. Your home fridge, a whiteboard, or the side of your car all work great!

The nano gel needs to be dressed firmly to maximize it’s strenth. After that, the magnet keeps constant pressure on the gel.

3. Re-configure your setup

The bolts can be removed and repositioned over and over. Now you can recreate any setup you experience at your crag.

Add extra hardware to get even more creative with your anchor system and challenge yourself to find the solution.

4. Care Tips

  • Guarantee the magnetic surface is CLEAN.

AVOID TOUCHING the sticky surface as this introduces oils.

  • RINSE any contaminants from the sticky surface. DO NOT USE SOAP!
  • USE AT ROOM TEMPERATURE. Hot and cold surfaces decrease the adhesive strength.
  • The strength of the temporary bond increases with time. Leave them attached for best results.

Our Mission: Equitable Climbing Education

I continue to share free educational content for Practi Bolt users to learn from. Not everyone can afford a professional instructor so these tips can be invaluable for many. But it’s not stopping there! Over the past couple years, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. So we’ll be launching an online learning platform very soon.

I hope you will purchase a set of Practi Bolts and join the thousands of worldwide climbers who want to be prepared when arriving at the crag. Myself and Practi Bolts are here as a resource for you to fully experience the wonderful world of rock climbing in a more informed way. Learn even more about anchors here.

26 reviews for Practi Bolts

  1. Ryan (verified owner)

    These are great! I have been using them for practicing anchor setting as well as lead clipping. The magnet alone is very strong and the gel adds extra strength it also keeps them from sliding around. No issue holding any of the gear, highly recommended!

  2. Ben (verified owner)

    These are great for practicing any two point anchors

  3. Matt (verified owner)

    These are awesome! Gone are the days of Jerry-rigged anchors on my deck for practice. The magnets and adhesive are surprisingly strong, taking all but one of the little downward yanks while trying them out. Great customization, well thought-out product for doing a little anchor training with coffee or a beer in hand.

  4. Erik (verified owner)

    An invaluable tool in any climber’s home or kit, especially those aspiring towards a guiding profession. I’ve been trying to teach my partner anchor building/cleaning techniques but haven’t had a good way to visualize it on the ground. Now I can practice on the exact scenario we will find climbing outdoors! Great hold on the magnets and the sticky pads, can hold two climbers worth of anchor material as well as belay devices for multi-pitch scenarios.

    Only request would be another set of the quick links – the ability to add rings or other common fixed anchor materials to the end of the chains would greatly increase the flexibility and scope of this product. For now I can go get some from the hardware store.

    Thanks to Dan for great communication and a great tool!

  5. Samuel Lathrop (verified owner)

    These are a great idea and seem to work very well, but I wish the magnets were slightly stronger! Previously I rigged about five hangers onto a 2×8 piece of wood, but then finding somewhere to hang in the house that doesn’t look like horrible didn’t sit well with the rest of the family.

    I ordered these and stuck them on the metal i-beam running across my basement ceiling and attached some alpine draws so my eleven year old can practice his clipping. All in all, they work great, but my son occasionally exerts too much force on the draws and detaches the magnets from the i-beam. At the same time, I see this also as a good thing, since it should ideally improve his clipping finesse and reduce him pulling on the draws when leading in real life. That said, stronger magnets would be preferable, as I wouldn’t need to reattach when my son dislodges them.

  6. Tegan (verified owner)

    These are a great idea and seem to work very well, but I wish the magnets were slightly stronger! Previously I rigged about five hangers onto a 2×8 piece of wood, but then finding somewhere to hang in the house that doesn’t look like horrible didn’t sit well with the rest of the family.

    These are awesome! Perfect practice makes perfect perfect and when it comes to anchor building you can never practice too much. Really glad I got these and will be recommending them to friends.

  7. Dave (verified owner)

    These things are great! Let’s me work on setups without having to dedicate a wall! It’s been super helpful for showing my partner what I’m talking about as I try to explain things.

  8. Agustin (verified owner)

    Magnificent product. It is very convenient to practice the different types of meetings with these anchors. I definitely recommend them 100%

  9. Garth (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Having the magnets allows for setting up different angles. I made a metal plate to hang on a door, works great. Check out my Facebook page or https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100014073790982 or https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=practi%20bolts

  10. Alex (verified owner)

    Received my Practi Bolts recently during the holidays and I love them! The hangars have a good amount of strength to them and really stick to the fridge. They come off just as easy so I can switch from working on clipping to anchor building and cleaning with ease. Overall an awesome product!

  11. Kyle VK (verified owner)

    These things are great! I do wish the magnets were a little stronger so they worked even better on dry wall. But I have to say, I’m impressed!

  12. Michael (verified owner)

    Excellent product! The magnets are very strong. Great way to practice anchor building.

  13. Sara (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be happier with these! I’d bought bolts for my wall in the past but didn’t set them up; I’m a new lead and like to freshen up pitch transitions before going out; these are perfect for that. The magnets are verrrry strong, double perfect. Thanks so so so much for meeting a need that I totally had.

  14. Richard (verified owner)

    Super simple, straightforward product that makes it easy to practice.

  15. Hal (verified owner)

    Expensive fridge magnetics… they’ll move if you tug hard, but definitely hold firm enough for practicing your anchor building. Just don’t yank on ’em.

  16. Michelle (verified owner)

    Love these! Very solid bolts and an easy way to practice anchor techniques!

  17. Edward W. (verified owner)

    I know have an adventure fridge!

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Gran producto, excelente para practicas y una calidad excepcional.

  19. Sawyer W. (verified owner)


  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works as advertised!

  21. Amir (verified owner)

    Great tools to practice anchor building and clipping techniques. I attached the bolts to my whiteboard and they are sticky enough to hold my quick draws and rope.

  22. Becca (verified owner)

    Thanks for shipping them so quickly!!

  23. Jeff B. (verified owner)

    Delivery was exceptionally fast ! The product works great, well made. I have mine set up next to my hang board, while I’m resting from my hang board routine I’m sharpening my skills. Great product keep up the great work Denver climbing co!

  24. Matthew (verified owner)

    Such a great product! Can’t wait to learn the ropes.. literally!

  25. Miguel Cobos (verified owner)

    Very good and even responsive to my email inquiries!

  26. Felipe N. (verified owner)


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